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Climate, culture, and the need for a new enlightenment

Click here to view original web page at www.resilience.org It’s common to hear the assertion that we have all the technology we need to avoid...

Economic democracy and the future of work

Click here to view original web page at www.socialeurope.eu Anxiety about the state of democracy amid political polarisation should direct us to an unexpected answer—economic...

Ontario’s Bill 23: An Attack on Democracy and the Common Good

Though a painful exercise, Bill 23 is essential reading.  It is nothing short of a frontal assault on local democracy, the role of civil...

Joey Edwardh


Joey has a life-long commitment to human rights as the foundation for strengthening social programs as well as protecting the environment

Peter Clutterbuck


Peter has led community mobilization efforts on a broad range of social policy issues including poverty eradication, inclusive communities and mental health

Susan McGrath C.M.


Susan is an experienced practitioner and researcher in social policy issues and recognized for her work in the field of forced migration

David Thornley


David has a long history both in government and the non-profit sector advocating policy change in community health, affordable housing and efforts to end poverty.

Brigitte Kitchen


Brigitte is a strong advocate for universal human rights and economic and social equality through deepening democracy and strengthening civil society.

Laurel Rothman


Laurel has been a tireless advocate for strengthening families, including the importance of access to quality child care and the eradication of child poverty.

Linda Terry


Linda is focused on developing and engaging communities, advocating for affordable housing, age friendly communities and poverty elimination. She sits on many local advisory committees.

Melinda Zytaruk


Melinda is an innovator in the design and construction of sustainable building systems, and is engaged in efforts to create community land trusts