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Building a livable Ontario means addressing the housing and climate crises

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What does a livable Ontario look like to you? Credit: Breanne Doyle / Canva

Editors Note: SocialCommons.ca is a member of the Alliance for a Livable Ontario. This is a critically important initiative that deserves the support of our readership. Below is a podcast from Rabble.ca about the initiative. Want to learn more about The Alliance for a Livable Ontario? Visit their website here.

What does a livable Ontario look like to you? This week on rabble radio, Georgia Kelly sits down with Franz Hartmann from The Alliance for a Livable Ontario. The two discuss the Alliance’s goals for holding the Ontario government accountable and creating vibrant communities across the province.

About our guests:

Franz Hartmann is the coordinator of The Alliance for a Liveable Ontario. Before this role, Hartmann was the executive director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (or TEA) for 11 years. He also served as chair of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance for four years and helped the Alliance build vast community support for the Greenbelt. Prior to working at TEA, Hartmann was the environmental advisor to Jack Layton when he was city councillor and oversaw Layton’s civil society engagement activities in Ottawa.

Georgia Kelly is a third-year undergraduate in the University of Toronto’s Ethics, Society, and Law program. She works as an associate editor for the student newspaper, the Varsity, and is working towards a career as a journalist. She primarily reports on labour issues on campus and local business issues around Toronto.

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