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A World We Share Together: The Social Commons

In other posts, we talk about this website being constructed using a Journey of Discovery metaphor. The two visualizations below try to capture this in two distinct ways.

The first draws from the constellation model for collaborative social change as developed by the Centre for Social Innovation both initially and in partnership with the Ontario Non-Profit Network. It recognizes that given the exploratory and cross-cutting nature of the collaboration we are seeking to build, this requires a nimble and light-weight governance structure that has buy-in from thought leaders but uses energy flows and creative impulses from anywhere in the constellation to generate actions and results

Partners come together based on their own interests and assets, which usually ensures that the “right” partners are at the table

The second draws from a supporting the shift metaphor more explicitly. It applied a theory of social change – for transforming systems that are designed to fail, to an articulation of the shifts that are necessary to overcome these failings, and resulting in the future situation we are striving to create. In each case, the shift is driven by one or more of the five Pillars, looking backward at why limitations within current systems render them incapable of making the shifts that are required, to how a re-design and re-focusing of our social, political, economic and ecological systems are essential to create the future we seek.

Visualizations such as the two presented above are useful in helping to understand the larger frameworks and developmental processes within which this evolving worldview is situated. A good example of mapping out a expansive view of the future and the shifts needed to get us there in presented here in Yes Magazine.

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