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NDC Partnership: Supporting a Global Network of Youth Climate Advocates

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Local democracy is about more that voting in elections. It is about providing meaningful opportunities to shape and influence conversations about the public policies that will define our future. As part of its efforts to generate local support in acting on its Sustainability Goals, the UN’s NDC Partnership launched a Youth Engagement Plan six months ago. They understand that civil society voices, particularly those of the next generation, will be critical in supporting the shift needed worldwide to address the Climate Emergency. – David Thornley

“It is important to increase climate finance to support projects that are led by children and youth and integrate a rights-focused education curriculum in schools and universities,” said Xiomara Acevedo, the Founder and Chief Executive of Barranquilla+20, an NGO run by young people who empower their peers to tackle issues of biodiversity, sustainability, policy inclusion, and climate change … They can relate our message to their narrative, to their realities. We engage climate action as an important topic in the local agendas,” she said.” […]

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