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On Kwikwetlem Territory, a New Vision for Riverview

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On Kwikwetlem territory, a new vision for Riverview
After more than a century of settler use at Riverview, land — and governance — is being returned to Kwikwetlem First Nation.

Reporter Christopher Cheng’s article, “On Kwikwetlem territory, a new vision for Riverview speaks to a future where indigenous first nations and provinces, along with municipal governments, collaborate and work together to recover both the settler and indigenous experience. In the example of the Riverview lands, on the hills bordering the Coquitlan River, a process of reconciliation is underway.  This site of 244 acres is being re-imagined in a collaboration by the province and the Kwikwetlem First Nation. Their vision includes mental health care, economic development utilizing the location as a filming site, and affordable housing.  This article highlights shared power, co-operation, and joint decision-making initiated after British Columbia’s recognition of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

” … De Paoli [Crown Corporation’s acting director of land development] says that B.C.’s adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP] in 2019 spurred the “side-by-side” collaboration. “That really signified to us that we need to be approaching this situation to really embody the intent of what UNDRIP represents,” she said…. “Reconciliation with the nation is part of it […]”

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